Combining financial capital with intellectual capital for building the future


Jasper was founded by three partners with over 90 years of combined experience as founding operators and entrepreneurs, and as investors in our target industries. We have a track record of founding or being co-founding operators of 16 technology companies in Telecom, Enterprise Software & Solutions, Healthcare (immunotherapies, medical devices -- therapeutic and diagnostic), Green Technologies and Environmental Cleanup/Green technologies.

We have raised in excess of $1.2B in capital, invested in over 20 technology companies, and created in excess of $4B in shareholder value.

With offices in Silicon Valley, Boston, and Singapore, we have access to key technology, policy, and financial hubs and proximity to innovation wherever found. Utilizing our large network worldwide, we can create new markets opportunities and product adoption for high tech products produced around the world.

What is Our Passion

Jasper invests in high-growth companies using transformative technologies to build an intelligent and effective future for the world. We are passionate about:
  • Human health
  • Smart systems
  • Telecom
  • Enterprise Software/SaaS and Solutions
  • Green Technologies/Environmental cleanup solutions
Our Cross Platform Experience makes us value add partners to great entrepreneurs and helps create market leaders of tomorrow.

How We Work

  • We focus on unmet needs in rapidly growing global challenges
  • We identify key pieces of technology-enablers that can deliver new market leadership
  • We partner with great innovators with unique solutions who benefit from our cross platform experience and global network in order to accelerate path to the end markets
In other words, we combine our financial capital with our intellectual capital.


Ross Haghighat
Mr. Ross Haghighat

USA/Asia Pacific

  • Serial Entrepreneur/Venture Capitalist
  • Founder or board member of a dozen companies in US, Europe, Middle-East and Australia
  • Public and Private companies
  • Restructuring and M&A Expert
  • Has generated in excess of $4B shareholder value
Masoud Bassiri
Mr. Masoud Bassiri

Asia Pacific

  • Serial Entrepreneur/Venture Capitalist
  • Founder, CEO, or board member of a number of companies in US & Asia-Pacific
  • Exceptional track record of M&A
  • Raised in excess of $1B
  • Restructuring and M&A expert
  • Recognized expert in Telecom
Brom Mahbod
Dr. Brom Mahbod

Silicon Valley

  • Serial Entrepreneur/Seed level VC
  • Founder, CEO, board member of a number of companies in US
  • Senior executive at Oracle Corp from early days to $100B+ revenue
  • Seed level venture fund & corporate strategic venture fund experience
  • Recognized expert in Enterprise Software and SaaS


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